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Contact Zonies, LTD is an affiliate club of the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) and welcomes dogs and handlers who are training for competition, beginners and those training just for fun.

The Zonies' Philosophy -  Educational fun! 
We strive to provide an atmosphere where both dog and handler have an opportunity to learn new skills, build their bond and just overall have a great time together in a friendly, low-key atmosphere.

If you are interested in agility but not sure it is right for you or if you have other questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Still have questions? Send them using the feedback form


What's Happening!
Summer Fun Runs

Set-up & walk throughs at 6:30 pm, start at  7:15 pm at our Melrose Swim Club training site.
$15 for 1st dog, $10 for 2nd dog, ($5 Contact Cash used for 1st dog only) Courses will be nested for novice/starters level. Contact Jenn Woelke at for more information.

  • August 12 - Master Challenge Jumpers
  • September 2 - Master Challenge Standard

Half of each evening's proceeds will be donated to Poodle Rescue in memory of Don Cooper, long-time Contact Zonies member. 

Classes Start September 14th

Fall classes start 9/14. Please read the updated information under Class Info and Register for a Class. View the Class Schedule.

Arizona Agility Calendar

Looking for more competition or needing to finish that title? Use this calendar to view all trials posted by local agility clubs.

Agility Trials

Save the Dates! Premiums Posted when Available.

  • USDAA Trial 12/5/15-12/6/15
  • USDAA Trial  2/6/16-2/7/16
  • Superstition AKC Agility Trial 11/6/15-11/8/15
  • Superstition AKC Agility Trial 3/4/16-3/6/16

Check out the AZ Agility Calendar to stay up to date with all the trials and matches in the valley.