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Contact Zonies 25th Anniversary Celebration

Join us for Contact Zonies 25th Anniversary

Celebration the weekend of December 3-4!

Festivities during the USDAA Trial held at 

Anthem Community Park in Anthem, AZ!

Special 25th Anniversary Events!

Contact Zonies became a club in 1991, and has been putting on USDAA shows for 25 years! To celebrate this milestone we have these special events planned:

  • Retro Run. This is a Grand Prix run from one of the first USDAA shows put on by Contact Zonies. You may run your dog at any height of your choosing and it is open to all levels. This is a non-qualifying run.

  • Strategic Pairs. Those of you who have been around a while will recognize this totally cool game!!!  Essentially, there are two dogs running thecourse at the same dog does a set of obstacles, after that dog has done their set, the other dog does a set, then the first dog runs the nextset and so on. It is a full course, numbered in such a manner that makes sense for this format. It is a LOT of fun and is sure to bring about a lot of laughs and good times.  Don't be shy...either enter as a draw or pick your partner!  You can run your dog at any height for this one as well and is open to all levels. This is a non-qualifying run.

  • Costume Contest!!  Since Contact Zonies started in 1991, you are invited to wear items of clothing from that decade and showcase your couture. 

  • Lunch!  Lunch will be available on Saturday for purchase as a part of the special event. The vendor will be onsite on Saturday only. On Sunday, you will need to bring your own food.

  • Photo Booth!  A place to take a fun photo with your pups will be available for you to memoralize this event.

  • 25th Anniversary Celebration. Both rings will be stopped (after Masters Pairs in Ring 1 and after Starters Standard in Ring 2) for a special 25th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony.