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Contact Zonies Agility Team Control Policy

Mission: To have fun and maintain safety for all

You the handler are responsible for your team staying under control and not causing disruption during training classes and activities at our training site.

  • All dogs are to be under control at all times.
  • Dogs are ONLY allowed on the equipment when it is their turn. i.e. When walking across the field do NOT allow your dog to get on any equipment.
  • When not in a kennel/crate, all dogs MUST be on leash at all times. ONLY dogs working an exercise, under instructor supervision, are allowed off-leash.
  • When helping set-up/tear-down equipment, dogs need to be secured in a kennel, crate or x-pen. Dogs are NOT allowed to be tied to the fence, chairs, etc. or left unattended outside of a kennel, crate or x-pen. i.e. Do not leave your dog in a down stay or sitting in your chair.
  • Barking needs to be controlled. Please bring a crate cover if needed. Shock collars are NOT allowed.
  • When on leash and when running an exercise, be aware of what your dog is doing. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior at all times.
  • Handlers are expected (i.e. required) to be positive with their dogs, their instructors, and their fellow classmates. Handlers who use inappropriate corrections with their dogs will be required to leave.


The first time a dog exhibits reactive/non-contact behavior (i.e. lunges at another dog or person, chases another dog without contact, etc.), the instructor(s) for the class will discuss the best solution for controlling and preventing any future mis-behaviors. This may include: asking the handler to put their dog away for a time-out for part or all of the class, requiring the dog to be on a long-line for all exercises, etc. If the dog continues to exhibit these behaviors, the dog will not be allowed to continue in class until the Agility Team Control Committee reviews the matter.  The instructor(s) will complete an Incident Form and immediately inform the Training Director who will contact the Agility Team Control Committee.

Anytime a dog makes physical contact with another dog or person (i.e. bites/grips or rolls a dog, etc.), the instructor(s) will immediately complete an Incident Form and the dog will be required to leave the class immediately.  The dog will not be allowed to continue in class until the Agility Team Control Committee reviews the matter.  The instructor(s) will immediately inform the Training Director who will contact the Agility Team Control Committee to review the matter. 

The Agility Team Control Committee (ATCC) will begin reviewing the matter within 48 hours of the reported incident. Extenuating circumstances could delay the start of the review for no more then 5 days. The ATCC will review the Incident Report, talk to the instructor(s), talk to the handler(s) of all dogs involved in the incident, and talk to any other witnesses if necessary. After all parties have been interviewed and the matter reviewed, the ATCC will give a recommendation to the Training Director. The review is anticipated to take no more then 15 days. The Training Director will inform the instructors and the handler(s) involved of the Club’s decision about the incident. Decisions can include, but are not limited to:
  • Requiring the handler of the responsible dog to complete dog obedience or “Controlled Unleashed” training or other training before being allowed to return to class.
  • Educating handlers about a dog’s body language to prevent future incidents. i.e. Either or both dogs involved in the incident could have been “staring the other dog down” and/or sending out aggressive signals.
  • Removing the responsible dog from class indefinitely and/or recommending that the handler work with a private trainer for individual training until the dog can work, under control, in a group setting. A list of trainers will be provided.
Every one involved in our Agility classes wants to enjoy the experience and Zonies wants to maintain a safe and fun environment.  This policy allows everyone to understand what their responsibility is, to adhere to it, and to know the process should their dog be involved in an incident. 

Download a copy of the Incident Policy

Revised: July 18, 2016
Original: June 20, 2006