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Novice Class
Novice is a continuation of the Beginners class and students are highly encouraged to enroll in Novice in the session immediately following completion of Beginners.  We also recommend teams enroll in two consecutive 9 week sessions or one Novice and one Novice Plus class before moving to Intermediate.

In Novice, teams will continue to build the proficiency on all the agility equipment started in the Beginners class, including learning the contact obstacles and weave poles.  Dogs are also introduced to jumping skills, including grids, bend work and increased jump heights. Teams are eligible to register for Novice if they have completed Beginners and received approval to advance from the lead instructor. If the team’s initial training occurred elsewhere, separate evaluation and approval by the Training Director will be required before registering for Novice.

Open Practice

No equipment at home to train on? Limited space? Here’s an opportunity to work your contacts, weaves and other training skills on a big field at your own speed.  No instruction provided.


Each week, the sets used in the preceding Novice class will be left out. Additional equipment may be added as appropriate (for instance, full set of weaves) or extra jumps.  Participants will be divided into three groups and will have 10-12 minutes to work the equipment in each set before rotating to the next set.  No instruction will be provided; however, an experienced instructor will be in attendance to supervise the session and answer questions.  Registration for the full 9 week session is required. No part-time registration.  Students will be required to stay to the end of the hour to help put away equipment.  Excellent opportunity for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced students to get more concentrated training time on equipment.  Not open to Beginner students.