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General Class Information

In addition to having fun, Contact Zonies' goals are to help students understand what they are being taught and how the skills will be used. We encourage all students to work with their dog at home setting up situations where they and their dog can reinforce skills learned in class.  

All dogs and handlers will start at the beginner level unless they are evaluated by the training director and/or her designee to participate at a different level. Dogs and handlers will be evaluated against the goals for each of the Contact Zonies' classes. The dog and handler will then be placed in a class appropriate for their performance level. Placement in class depends also upon size of registrants and number of teachers able to teach. Teachers are volunteers and time constraints can be a challenge during the course of a training season.  

  • Safety is of utmost importance to us and instructors are directed to maintain it. Class procedure dictates that If at anytime an instructor directs you and you dog, please listen, they are trying to keep a group of highly aroused and excited dogs under control and not get in each other's face to cause a problem or altercation. Please be mindful of your instructor's directions.
  • Classes meet in the northeast valley and run from September through May. Beginning and Novice I classes run 16 weeks, all others run 8 week intervals. Class time varies depending upon the level of the dog and handler. Each class level has a teacher(s) assigned to handle curriculum. You may discuss any issue with them, your teacher or the training director. We want your experience to be a good one. See calendar for details.  
  • Classes begin set up at 6:30 and first class is at 6:45. The second class of the evening is at 7:45 and they handle breakdown of equipment.  
  • Set up requires students to learn and help with set up of equipment used in class. Teachers are not to be left alone to manage all set up but rather they train students how to do this with them. Please remember, teachers are tireless volunteers who without, we would not be able to continue.
  • Beginner and Novice level classes are required to set up their crates (required) using the back gate at the far or West side of the training field. This eases any problems with one classes finishing and the next class setting up for their allotted time. The black wire crates set up around the field are for use in time outs during training sessions and not to be used as crating for students. 
  • Crates or ex-pens are required for all level classes. Dogs tied to a fence or sitting in a chair in a nice stay can be a target for another dog during the confusion and bustle of activity.
  • Students who continually help set up are greatly appreciated. A student who consistently does not set up will be asked why and we may not be able to continue.

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